Offscript Studios

The revolution will not be televised

What we do

Digital broadcasters

We collaborate with brands, creatives and agencies to produce serialised, narrative driven editorial, with broadcast production values that is tailored to a target audience via digital channels.

Why we do it

Times they are a changin'

The digital media landscape is changing. 74% of all internet traffic is now video, with long-form content (over 20 minutes in length) representing 63% of time spent watching across all devices. In fact, users are currently migrating to long-form video content across all devices.

Increase in long-form content watched by device from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017



Join the revolution

Tell better stories

Offscript are evolving content to give brands new opportunities free from the restrictions of mainstream media. Using the data-driven power digital distribution, we enable brands to reach the right audience.

Who we are

We are Offscript

Offscript is an evolution of ShinAwiL’s high-quality production skills and INM’s distribution and digital expertise. Our experience in creating long-form episodic content with multichannel distribution sets us apart.